Ludologist and players on childhood games


Childhood games could be quite inspirational for academic reasearch, for testing the new theories but also could be a sentimental journey back to the times of Atari, Commodore 64 or Amiga (or even maybe Magnavox Odyssey? Most of the players and game theorists think about Mortal Combat (1992), Superfrog (1993) or Sensible Soccer (1992) or just simly jump in enthisiasm wandering about on the pixel-plane of imagination. Because retro games provoke so many emotions, we decide to ask several game researchers and game enthusiasts from all over the World about their favourite and most despised titles and the memeories they evoke.

Among our colleagues who shared with us their experiences and thoughts were researches from Poland, USA, Italy, Denmark, Wenezuela and South Africa. Below, in the Q & A part the most inspiring answers are presented.

Information on most of the discussed games can be found in our Ludography, at the bottom of the start page of this issue of Techsty.

Sonia Fizek, Mariusz Pisarski